An adventure of the heart.

“Life is why” I am moving to Nebraska in 11 days.

Life is also why I am happy to soon start a new chapter as a communications director with the American Heart Association‘s Midwest affiliate. In my new role, which I start later this month, I will help raise awareness about heart disease, the No. 1 killer of men and women, and the lifesaving work that the Association does across the country.

Literally, the American Heart Association spends millions each year to give all of us the very best chance at a longer, healthier life.

Life is a funny thing.

I started my career in softball, then joined the Paralympic Movement a few years later. And I was always impressed with the heart the athletes had. Now I’m following my own heart to Omaha (which is something I’d never thought I’d say), and in return, I’m so thankful that life has given me this new, amazing adventure, literally full of heart.

I only have one heart so I want to keep it happy.

Do me a favor, friends. Keep yours happy too.

Even if you have to give up Nike swag and move to the Midwest.

And PS – I’m starting this adventure as Jamie Blanchard Schneider, officially. 

Relocating to Nebraska

After nearly three years at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I am relocating to Bellevue, Nebraska, in January 2015, and am seeking new opportunities in the Omaha area. My experience includes communications, digital media, marketing, public relations and social media.

But I am not a guru, a ninja or a rock star. I am a storyteller. My specialty is helping Olympic and Paralympic athletes use their stories to engage and inspire fans, journalists and sponsors. But I want my next story to be focused on your organization.

Currently the U.S. Paralympics communications manager at the USOC, my professional experience in storytelling dates back to 1999, when I helped launch Figure Skaters Online, an online news network that also provides digital and social media services to athletes. I have traveled worldwide and to cities across the United States to help tell Team USA’s stories on and off the field of play.

My storytelling, primarily on the digital fronts, including Facebook and Twitter, has helped figure skating and softball athletes and supporters find their voice online and has lead the Paralympic Movement to an all-time high in public awareness in the United States.

When can I help your organization find its voice?

Please contact me at

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